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Where does your money go to? We only use Alumni money in three funds:

Annual Alumni Fund
Goes towards various alumni programs such as putting on an annual Alumni Banquet, other alumni events, mailings, and alumni programing upkeep. 

Capitol Campaigns Fund - 2015
This fund is used for a specific chapter needed goal. This year's donation campaign is focused on the following: 



Amount Needed Amount Donated
Tailgating Tent Recently our Tailgating tents have been falling apart. As such, we must purchase a new ones. We currently use a system of multiple small tents, however, we are trying to consolidate this system by using a single, larger, 20' by 20' tent. $500 $___.__


With the recent purchase of a chapter house, we're always looking for more ways to increase it's livelyhood and keep it fresh and vibrant. Not to mention all the hidden costs a house comes with! $1,000 $___.__
General fund

Men of Principle Scholarship Fund
Donate to add to our Men of Principle Scholarship. It is an important asset used for promoting young minds. The date of this years Men of Principle Scholarship Banquet can be found on the Events page. For more information about the Men of Principle Scholarship click here. The Scholarship fund starts off by our chapter every year at $500.00. You can add to that sum by donating!


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If you would like to donate to any of these causes, please specifiy which one in the "notes" text box on the donation page. If not specified, donations will be evenly distrubted to all funds.

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