Summer 2015 New Member Update

Greetings Gentlemen!

My name is Alex Loeb, and I am pleased to introduce myself as your new brother, in the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Beta Theta Pi. On the 21st of March, 2015, myself, and six other outstanding men were inducted into the hallowed number of our fraternity. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself, and my pledge class so that you may better know the men who you share the bonds of brotherhood with. Attached you will find a picture of the seven members of my pledge class taken on the night of our initiation. From left to right, the order in which we appear in the photo are Jeremiah Ockunzzi, Hank Ellison, Casey Carrell, Costa Huang, Alex Loeb, Everett Haugh, and Craig Uryase. We would like to now take a moment to introduce ourselves briefly so you will better get to know Beta's newest members!

Jeremiah Ockunzzi

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Major: Biology, sociology, chemistry triple major with a premed focus on medical sociology

Statement: “ I am a member of the varsity track and field team, vice president of IMJ (International Justice Mission-social justice group on campus), Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity service committee member, and a "Body Project" Peer leader (an eating disorder support group on campus). I am a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes on campus (FCA), take part in CSF (the Cooperative Student Fellowship), and I am in the process of co-founding a mental health support group with the counseling center, as well as being a biology TA, and a member of the FU speaks (spoken word club). I want to be philanthropy chair in Beta, and positively impact the greater community of Furman and Greenville. I want to improve the reputation of the Greek community and show that our organization can be used for good and bring our chapter to more accurately reflect the aspects of the Men of Principle Initiative.”

Hank Ellison

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Major: Computer Science

Statement: “I joined beta for the brotherhood, and I admire the core values if the fraternity. I value trust and integrity in my friends and brothers.”

Casey Carrel

Hometown: Monroe, Georgia

Major: Undeclared

Statement: “As a Beta, my goal is to become the brother that I could not be at home. I am here to support, not only the brothers that came before me and welcomed me into the brotherhood, but for the brothers to come after me. I want to build an honorable and lasting image and continue the traditions of friendships and goodwill into which I have been accepted.”

Costa Huang

Major: Accounting

Statement: I am investment club and the volley ball club. I aim to be friends and try to initiate worthy rushes and get more female friends involved in Beta events.”

Alex Loeb

Hometown: New Albany, Ohio

Major: Business and Philosophy double

Statement: “I ran cross country, and track in high school, and I think that was the first time I had any interaction in a brotherhood-like environment. But before that, I never really considered how I might be part of a group, or how I could contribute to a whole. Since I became involved in Beta, I’ve wanted to do good, and to leave behind a legacy that others can be proud of. I want to help others the way that the brothers have helped me. For now, I want to establish a live band to play at events such as tailgates and parties with other brothers.”

Everett Haugh

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Major: Undeclared, but interested in political science

Statement: “I see Beta exactly as how Zeta Lambda titles itself: a Haven of Friendship. To me, it’s an organization of driven individuals who value the bonds of brotherhood they share as much as their academic pursuits and philanthropic interests. I hope to further cultivate these characteristics of Beta Theta Pi and I look forward to the next 3 years as an undergraduate in Zeta Lambda, and hope to create a meaningful relationship with everyone inside or outside of our current chapter.”

Craig Uryase

Hometown: Hartland, Vermont

Major: Business administration and political science

Statement: “I am the vice president of the political thought club. My hobbies are always changing as I challenge myself to master new things all the time. Currently I enjoy billiards, mechanical watch repair, electric guitar, and jewelry making. I also involve myself on campus by tutoring for many business related classes. My goal for beta is to encourage a steady growth to support a sustainable organization on campus that can select the members that best fit it without a fear of decline in the numbers that would threaten it’s existence. Additionally, I would like to create a more serious environment inter-chapter where instead of laughing away issues, we can seriously contemplate the problem and have full hearted effort by all to improve in the areas of need.”

I hope that you have enjoyed getting a brief glimpse of seven of us, and that we can further interact as brothers down the road. If you find yourself in the area and wish to contact any new brother to meet them more formally, please do, and reach out to the chapter or myself at

Yours in _Kai_,

Alex Loeb

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